Past Masters

There are many styles taught at the Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy by Master Chang, Wu Na and Dr. Lu, Mei-Hui. The systems of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, and Taijiquan are taught along with the most famous aspect of Wudang System, Wudang Sword. In most cases, several lineages are taught of the same system because of Master Chang and Dr. Lu’s vast experience in their field.

To understand more about the history of the techniques, please click on a name or discipline to understand better where the system comes from.

Name Discipline
Li Jing-Lin
Han Mu-Xia
Meng Xiao-Feng
Yang Kui-Shan
Ma Jie
Qian Timing
Gao Ji-Wu
Yang Fen-Sheng

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