Lu Mei-Hui 呂美惠


Dr. Lu, Mei-Hui is the co-founder and instructor of the International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy along with Master Chang. Her name can be found in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Outstanding Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Masters published in Beijing, China., 2008, Taiji Magazine, New Tang Dynasty News & Magazine, Epoch Times and Seattle Chinese Time. Her view points on traditional Chinese Martial Arts have been reported on TV and radio as well.

Dr. Lu was born in Taiwan and holds a Ph.D. degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Washington. She comes from a long family line of martial artists and healers. In addition to her Martial Arts training, Dr. Lu also has deep exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. She has studied Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Baster University and Qi healing from various famous masters in China. 

Dr. Lu’s training of internal martial arts started with Li Style Taijiquan. Later she began her training in Wudang Free-Step Tajiquan, Bagua Taiji, Continuous- Step Wudang Sword with Grandmaster Qian, Timing, and eventually became an inner-door disciple of Wudang Dan Pai. 

While traveling in Tianjin, Dr. Lu, together with Master Chang, Wu Na, met the famous Grandmaster Ma Jie. Grandmaster Ma was so impressed after seeing Dr. Lu and Master Chang demonstrate that he took them both as students and later as disciples. From Grandmaster Ma, Dr. Lu has learned Wudang Qigong, traditional Wudang Sword, Qi Gong Taijiquan, Nei Gong Taijiquan, Daoist weapon form combining Wudang Sword and Horse-Tail Whisk, Han Mu-Xia style Xingyiquan and a comprehensive set of combative skills.

To broaden her knowledge and skills in internal martial arts, Dr. Lu was sent to train with three other famous Grandmasters. In Baguazhang, she was taken as disciple by Grandmaster Gao, Ji-Wu, who is the Chairman of Beijing Baguazhang Research Association. From Grandmaster Gao, Dr. Lu learned numerous hand forms, weapons and push hand techniques in Beijing Gao Style Baguazhang.



In Xingyiquan, Dr. Lu became the disciple of Grandmaster Yang, Fan-Sheng, from whom she has learned many solo as well as sparring forms in bare hand and weapons.  Grandmaster Yang, the head master of Shan Xi Pai Xingyiquan, also commissioned Dr. Lu to write textbooks and devise curriculums on Xingyiquan for the Grade 1-9 Physical Education classes in Taigu County of Shan Xi Province, which is the birthplace of Xingyiquan. 

Another Grandmaster in Xingyiquan Dr. Lu trained with is her Gong Fu uncle, Li Hong. He is the head master in Shang Yun-Xiang style Xingyiquan. From him, Dr. Lu also learned many forms, weapons and techniques in He Bei Pai Xingyiquan. Grandmaster Li Hong personally requested Dr. Lu to translate and publish his father’s book on Xingyiquan into English.

In 2006, Dr. Lu co-founded the International Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy with Master Chang, Wu Na in Seattle, Washington to pass on their rich martial arts heritage. Dr. Lu has over 40 years of teaching experience. She brings her unique style and attributes to every class she is in. So far, there is already a huge number of students whose lives have been positively transformed by receiving instruction from her.

A few of Dr. Lu’s positions and accomplishments related to martial arts:

  • One of the two 13th Generation Lineage Holders of Wudang Xuan Men Dan Pai and 3rd Generation Successor of Han Pai Xingyiquan under Grandmaster Ma, Jie
  • 13th Generation Successor of Wudang Dan Pai under Grandmaster Qian, Timing
  • 6th Generation Successor of Beijing Gao style Baguzhang under Grandmaster Gao, Ji-Wu
  • 4th Generation Successor of Shan Xi style Xingyiquan under Grandmaster Yang, Fan-Sheng
  • 16th Generation Successor of Chuanzhen Chun Yang Men Peng Lai Pai Daoism lineage under High-Ranked Daoist Monk ,Cao, Lai-Zhen
  • Curriculum designer and textbook author for Xingyiquan used in Taigu, Shan Xi, China
  • Ph.D. graduate, University of Washington; Professor teaching at graduate school and college levels in fields of language instruction, Chinese Medicine and Internal Martial Arts
  • Vice President, co-founder and instructor of Wudang Internal Martial Arts Academy
  • Participant of “Exploring Xingyiquan”, Documentary produced for CCTV 9 Documentary Station, China, 2014 

Competition Experience and Awards

  • Three Gold medals in Taiji, Xingyi and Dueling Sword, Silver medal in Taiji Sword at the 2009 7th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship.
  • Four Gold medals in Taiji, Xingyi, Wudang Sword and Dueling Sword at the 2009 4th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition.
  • Second Place in All Around Championship in 4th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition, 2009.
  • First Place in Women’s Push Hand at the 2008 Traditional Kung Fu Invitational, Canada.
  • Champion in Internal/External Weapon Division at the 2008 International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Competition, competing against winners selected from venues all over the world and the Final Round held in New York.
  • Zhong Hua Wu Shi Hui (Chinese Knights Association) Reopening Invitational Master Exhibition, Tianjin, China, 2007.
  • Two Gold medals and one Silver medal at the 2006 8th Annual International Chinese Martial Arts Competition in Orlando, Florida.
  • Four Gold medals at the 2006 2nd Annual Southern California Chinese Martial Arts Tournament
  • Three Gold medals at the UC Berkley International Wushu Competition, Berkley, California.
  • Gold medal and Silver medal at the 2005 West Coast National Martial Arts Championship, California.
  • Gold medal and Silver medal at the 2005 Traditional Kung Fu Invitational, Vancouver, Canada.

Select publications and Articles related to martial arts:

Shang Yun-Xing Style Xingyiquan: The Foundations and Subtlties of Xingyiquan Training (Li, Wen-Bing, translated by Lu, Mei-Hui). Berkley: Blue Snake Books, 2014.

The Major Methods of Wudang Sword (Huang, Yuan Xiou, translation and commentary by Lu, Mei-Hui and Chang, Wu Na). Berkley: Blue Snake Books, 2010.

“The Essence of True Wudang Sword” International TAI CHI Magazine, (February 2005).

“The Dao of Yin Yang Zhong He: the Soul of Taiji” International TAI CHI Magazine, (August 2004).