Wudang Quan 武當拳 (Kids Class)


Though known primarily for its soft styles, Wudang martial arts also contain many sets similar to hard style. The traditional techniques taught at the academy were passed down to Master Chang, Wu Na and Dr. Lu, Mei-hui from Wudang Mountain in China. These techniques, while still being internal, have the characteristic of being fast like lightning and furious like the tiger in application.

In Wudang Quan, styles can be divided into Northern Wudang and Southern Wudang. The Northern Wudang system involves more leg techniques and jumping while the Southern Wudang System makes use of more hand techniques and quick bursts of energy. The system taught at the academy involves both Northern and Southern Wudang methodology.


Starting from the age of four, children have already had the ability to learn martial arts. The students in the academy will be trained systematically from basic to more advanced sets. Instruction on weapon forms and applications will be coordinated with the progress of the hand forms that students have made. Health cultivation and self-defense skills training are equally emphasized. Discipline, respect, concentration and perseverance are virtues that will be fostered during the training process in the academy.


Techniques taught in the system involve but are not limited to:

• Wushu Basics
• Xiao Hong Quan
• Tong Zi Gong
• 18 Movement Wudang Quan
• 36 Movement Wudang Quan
• Wudang Cha Quan
• Yin-Yang Claw
• Yin-Yang Palm (108 Movements)
• Walking-Step Broadsword
• Wudang Daoist Straight Sword
• Wudang Natural-Movement Self-Defense