Class Schedule


* These classes are currently not active. Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling.

All classes are held at 2411 South Walker Street in Seattle unless otherwise noted.

If you are a first time qigong student, please contact us to set up an orientation before starting your first class.


Please inquire in person of our various programs.


  1. Payments are due on the first class attendance in the period (quarterly or monthly).

  2. Makeup for missed class(es) is allowed within the same quarter.

  3. For those who pay monthly, a “month” is defined as four consecutive calendar weeks. If you miss one or more class(es) within a month, you may do makeup class(es) anytime during the remainder of the quarter. But monthly tuitions are due according to the schedule in the course planner.

  4. There is no refund for absence due to sickness or personal matters.


  • Students should pay respect to the space and the masters of the school

  • Students should try hard during class

  • Students should keep an open mind and be willing to learn

  • No foul language

  • Students should turn off cell phones and beepers during class

  • Students should take care of their own gear and equipment

  • Students should try to practice everyday

  • Students should be mindful of Wu De


  • 謙 Humility

  • 敬 Respect

  • 忠 Loyalty

  • 恆 Perserverance

  • 智 Wisdom

  • 仁 Compassion

  • 勇 Courage

  • 和Harmony